Royal Release

Loving A Thug: Chyna & Hosea

by Cayla

Who doesn’t want to be in love? When you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter how long two people have been apart. Real love, can be picked up and restored at any time. That’s what happens with Hosea and Chyna. Once high school sweethearts, circumstances bring the separated lovers back together. While they’re working on getting back to that old thing, there are a few people lurking in the shadows, plotting to tear them apart.

Chief loves his girlfriend of six years, Portia. Like most men, he has to dip outside of his
relationship. He’s in love with Portia, but there’s something about Jazzy that has him living a double life. When her roommate finds out about his main chick, she places an ultimatum on the table, but what happens when she doesn’t uphold her end of the deal?

Kyng loves his snow bunnies, but Neesha has him ready to try a dose of chocolate. She
has her own personal issues to deal with though. Her home life is in shambles and she’s the breadwinner in her relationship with her boyfriend Dee. Kyng doesn’t want to apply any pressure on her, he just wants to get to know the beautiful waitress he meets at Denny’s after his girlfriend causes a scene.

Can these couples stand firm through every storm life throws at them? Or will they
crumble and fold when rough times hit in waves?