Royal Release

Loving a Boss 3: I Do It for You

Keegan have bit off more than he can chew when it comes to Alana. She just will not seem to go away and each time she appears, something bad happens. Keegan does what he thinks is best. He relocates his family and changes his number and everything is perfect. Almost too perfect for Reign.

She notices that her husband is pulling out all the stops to make sure she is happy. The couple is on a time crunch to get the New York’s hotel back in order in time for inspections. They work hard revamping and reimaging everything and just a few weeks before the big day a very pregnant Alana is back!

Reign is fed up that Keegan’s past seems to keep creeping into their presence. Keegan is unsure of Alana’s baby is his, but he is sure that Alana was his worst mistakes ever. Alana is not backing down. She is tangled in her own love triangle between Keegan, Brian, and herself. She wants Keegan, but he doesn’t want her. Brian wants Alana, but Alana don’t want him.
Brian and Reign are both at their wits end with the Alana and Keegan saga. Keegan just want Alana to go away and for him and Reign to live happily ever after. All of the Washington’s family secrets will be exposed and the biggest secret of all will be revealed.

Who is Alana’s baby’s Father?