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Loving My Miami Boss 2: Hassan & Nazariah’s Love Story

In the second installment of Loving My Miami Boss, the fairy tale ending that Nazariah believed she would have with Hassan, has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.
After the attempted murder of her and Amina, Nazariah is terrified of staying with the one man that promised to protect her. But even with her terrified state, she still struggles to stay away from him. Especially because of how deeply in love she is with him. And with Amina’s life in a deadly balance, Nazariah is vulnerable and struggling to remain positive. So who else can she turn to?
Hassan Knight is out for blood. Finding out that someone attempted to murder the one woman that completes his life, the woman he can’t live without, has him on edge. He’s determined to make those who tried to take his love away from him, pay. However even with trying, Hassan still has problems of his own.
Getting a divorce from Dominique is proving harder than originally thought and Hassan is soon placed into a compromising situation.
Hassan and Nazariah may love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, but can they really make it through to their happy, fairy tale ending?