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Loving My Thug At All Cost 2

Kambria, Mega and Gretchen are back in this explosive series finale. With the kidnapping of her daughter and the fact that it seems like the cops aren’t doing anything to get her child back, Kambria and Mega try to take matters into their own hands. 

She wishes that Gretchen would get over the fact that Mega doesn’t belong to her anymore, but Gretchen is lost. She’s a troubled woman who needs help and eventually has to get it; court ordered. 

Mega and Kambria’s relationship was rocky at first but in this finale, he’s doing it all to try to get his woman back and to keep her by his side, even if it means giving up the one thing he loves most; hustling. 

Will this couple survive this obstacle and be happy in the end, or will they continue to go through the trouble of loving one another?

Will Kambria love her thug through it all?

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