Royal Release

Loving My Street King 2: Jayla & Scrap

After finding out life changing news, at the hands of German, Jayla is forced to confirm with her mother for an answer on who her real father is. While dealing with getting to know the family she never knew existed, Jayla must also juggle her businesses and budding relationship with Scrap. However, Scrap’s past is lurking and may catch up with him. Jayla is forced to make a decision on whether to stay or go when one of Scrap’s skeletons shows up at her doorstep.
Chandler and Sofia manage to keep Jayla from going off the deep end, although, they have a fair share of drama on their own. German is looking to stir things up if he doesn’t get his way, but there’s one major problem, no one knows what German wants. Although Antonio has vowed to keep Jayla and her friends out of harm’s way, will it be enough, or will German’s scheming be her downfall?