Royal Release

Loving My Street King: Jayla & Scrap

Jayla was getting along just fine in her eyes, until she was forced to quit her job as a waitress. However, a spur of the moment trip to Dubai with her best friend, Chandler, would set her on a path that she never thought she'd take. Jayla has been in an on again, off again relationship with Keno for years, with her main goal being to keep a roof over her head by any means possible. Chandler convinces her to use Keno for at least the time being. With no income coming in, it forces her to get back with him. But Scrap, her neighbor, has set his sights on Jayla because he knows he can offer her better.

While Chandler and Jayla are vacationing in Dubai, they meet an older Colombian man named German who takes a liking to Jayla. Upon hearing about her financial woes, he offers her an opportunity in his family business. Not even thinking twice, she jumps on the deal. However, German has ulterior motives. Will Jayla let greed cloud her judgment, or will she come to her senses in time?