Royal Release

A Malice Love 3

In this bone chilling, and blood spilling finale, you see that people will do anything to keep their secrets safe, and their livelihoods protected.
Who knew that one attempted suicide would cause so many problems is what Kason thought when all his secrets started rearing their ugly heads. When his secrets come out, he does the one thing that he thought that he would never do, which is commit a murder, and try to cover it up. When the one person he thought would never turn his back on him, do just that, he life takes a wild turn no one would ever forget.
All of Malice’s secrets are on display for his wife, and the world to see, but that is not stopping him from trying to work on his marriage. Realizing that his wife is not budging, he finds a new friend, but will she live up to Kam’s potential, or will Malice realize that he got more fight in him to get his wife back.
Kam woke up with her life playing out on TV as if she was a movie star. After she is released from the hospital, she tries to steer clear of her husband, but he is making that impossible by popping up everywhere, and stalking her on social media. When she notices that Phoenix may have a new girlfriend, feelings that she thought were gone came rushing back at once. Will Kam still go through with the divorce, or will she realize that true love is worth fighting for?