Royal Release

Married To A Haitian Mob Boss

After getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, the only thing on Emiko Water’s mind was providing a good life for her daughter. During a trip to Miami to visit her cousin, Shayla, she falls in love right away with the city as well as her cousin’s lavish lifestyle and is set on working hard so she can share in the life of luxury along with her child.

When Shayla hints to Emiko that she should try to snag Adair, the infamous leader of the Haitian Murder Mafia, she rejects the advice even though Adair is the sexiest and most thrilling man she’s ever seen. But then her luck takes a tragic turn, yielding one disaster after another and she finds herself in a place where Adair is the only one by her side, literally keeping her alive.

In the midst of a drug war with the Dominicans, Adair has some tough decisions to make when Emiko changes into a woman far different from the one she was when they first met. The struggles of a hard life have made her heart cold and turned her into a savage but his addiction to her just won’t allow him to let her go.

With the streets calling his name and Emiko pulling at his heart, will Adair be able to maintain control of his empire and be there for the woman he loves? Or will he lose out on one, or both, while struggling to have it all?