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Married To A New York Menace 2: He's The Sickest In The Game

“Hello, N.Y.P., I would like to report a drug dealer! His name is Harlem Wright and he’s the King of Harlem!”

With anger, bitterness, and hate pumping through Honesty’s veins, Harlem is now an enemy in the eyes of his wife. Holding on to every word he stated about changing his player ways, Honesty can admit she was a fool for believing the lies he spoonfed her once again. Doing everything in her power to make him feel pain, Honesty won’t stop until her husband’s heart is shattered into a million pieces. Even if that means the death of a loved one!

No longer a fool or blinded by love, Honesty is ready to love again and give Juelz a true shot at her heart. After comparing him to her husband, will she realize Juelz is her blessing in disguise?

Once Harlem realizes Giselle isn’t the green grass on the other side, will he run back home to his wife and kids, who he abandoned for love? Will Honesty embrace him with open arms or will she deny his love for the first time in life?

In the finale, love is being put to a test that no one EVER could predict!!

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