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Match Made In Heaven 2: Jug & Tressa's Love Story

Happily ever after seems nearly impossible when it comes to Jug and Tressa. They are constantly at odds when it comes to who wears the pants in their relationship. They can’t seem to agree on the tiniest of things, and it has put a strain on their relationship.

After being shot, Jug is on the verge of making a comeback and finally stepping away from the game. He is ready to turn the reigns over to Special, but Tressa is not feeling Special’s constant appearances. Jug tries to quell the storm that is brewing between the two, but will he do it at the expense of his marriage?

Tressa is just as headstrong as ever. She feels like Jug is constantly choosing his “friend” over her. Even though she should be taking it easy during her pregnancy, Tressa continuously butts heads with her husband and Special. Her final act of retaliation may cause a rift that will end her marriage.

Can Tressa and Jug hold their marriage together, or will Tressa’s stubbornness be the final nail in the coffin?