Royal Release

Match Made In Heaven: Jug & Tressa's Love Story

Jug and Tressa were set up on a date by their best friends, Saint and Heaven. A year later, they are still going strong, or so they think. Tension arises in their relationship when Tressa notices a change in Jug’s behavior. Jug is coming home late and smelling like women. She believes that he is up to something, but doesn’t know what. Tressa does not want to believe that her fiancé is cheating, but his behavior and a blast from his past only adds fuel the fire.

Jug loves Tressa’s kids, but he wants a few of his own. He tries his best to be a parent to Qwan, Kimora, and Anika, but Tressa is not impressed with his parenting skills. Raising teenagers is hard and they continually butt heads on the matter. This causes Jug to press Tressa for a baby. Tressa’s demanding job as a public relations specialist leaves little time to work on expanding their family until Jug takes matters into his own hands. Jug and Tressa’s relationship is left hanging in the balance once his deceit comes to light. Will they be able to survive, or will their happily ever after crumble before their eyes?