Royal Release

A Mayhem Love 2

In this second installment of A Mayhem Love, Mayhem finds himself stuck, feeding the fire of an old flame while trying to preserve what he has with his new love. When Nobie shows up asking for financial support from Mayhem, Olena plays the girlfriend card, demanding that he doesn’t give her a dime. Despite her destruction of their relationship, Mayhem has a soft spot for Nobie and doesn’t want her to lose her son. However, Mayhem doesn’t want to lose Olena in the process. In the end, he will be forced to make a choice: Nobie and her family, or Olena, who sees right through her act.

After discovering Nobie’s plans to move back to Chicago, Olena is on edge. Although Mayhem constantly reassures Olena that he is done with his ex, his loyalty isn’t what she’s worried about. It’s not hard to spot a woman with an agenda, and that’s exactly what she believes Nobie has. Refusing to let Nobie take back the relationship she once threw away, Olena works overtime to make sure that she’s the only one he wants, but deep down she fears that, in the end, Mayhem’s first love will defeat his last.