Royal Release

Miami Heat 2

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in the heat of Miami, it’s quite the opposite.

Reunited after almost ten years, it seems as though the universe was giving its all to try and force Yaz and Nick apart. Instead of breaking from all the trials and tribulations tossed their way, they come back even stronger than ever.
With her father in the hospital, Yaz is unable to properly mourn the loss of her child as she is put to the test of truly becoming a drug lord’s daughter and figuring out how to run the Santiago empire in his absence. Lines are crossed and bridges are burned as she gets closer to the truth about who put a hit out on her father.
Betrayed by someone close to him, Nick is torn between having to choose between his girl and his team. Will his decision be the breaking point for his relationship, or can he manage to save both? Most importantly, can he manage to save Yaz from herself as she plunges into the darkness of vengeance?