Royal Release

Miami Heat: An Urban Romance

Having blood on your hands isn’t meant for the weak. The streets of Miami have one rule: kill or be killed.

Raised on the gritty side of Newark, NJ by her grandmother, 14-year-old Yaz swore to herself that she would get them out the hood. She kept her nose in books and legs closed, but after laying eyes on Nicholas she was ready to shed her good-girl image and be his ride or die.

Hustling since his youth, Nick had always managed to keep a low profile until somehow cops get word of a dealing going down. If it wasn’t for Yaz pulling him into her building as he ran, he’d have surely been in jail. He was determined to make her his girl especially after proving how loyal she was; just how long would he be willing to wait for her to come of age?

Ten years later, Nick is now a top hitta of Miami and looking for a girl to share his throne. When he runs into Yaz, he knew it was too good to be true. Though she’s now a grown woman, she also now came with grown woman baggage. That’s not enough to turn him away though; after waiting this long, he’ll do whatever it takes to have her by his side… even if it meant taking a life.

Santiago is one of the biggest drug lords in Dominican Republic and the streets of Miami belonged to him. When several of his shipments go missing, the streets all pointed to Nick and he had to be taught a lesson he’ll never forget.