Royal Release

My Bad Boy Gave Me A Love Like No Other

When Tokyo Marshall and Adonis Reid first crossed paths, sparks undeniably flew. Their connection was instant and a dream come true for Tokyo, until it suddenly became her very worst nightmare. Finding out Adonis’s true colors and intentions made her realize that he was nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But when Adonis does the unexpected and saves her life by eliminating a major threat, Tokyo’s love for him refuses to die. Now with their differences pushed to the side, Tokyo and Adonis are willing to start afresh and mend their broken past. With an open mind and open heart, Tokyo heads to Adonis’s hometown, Dallas, the city he rules with an iron fist. Far away from home but smitten for one man only, Tokyo is going to learn exactly who Adonis truly is and all the drama that comes with him.

Adonis is known to the streets of Dallas as the infamous ‘AD’ and the number one man you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. He’s one of the finest caliber of men Dallas has to offer and has an endless line of chicks willing to be at his beck and call any day and anytime… One particular chick has had Adonis once before and isn’t planning on letting him go so soon. She still wants him all to herself, regardless of the new woman in his life. So is Adonis really going to be tied down to one woman for the rest of his days as a Dallas king? And is Tokyo willing to love him for who he really is, flaws and all? Or will she be led astray by her own inner demons?