Royal Release

My Dirty Fairytale


Marriage is give and take, but at what point do you stop giving when you realize all your spouse is doing is taking? Holliday was raised to be a submissive woman who puts her man first, but what happens when the same man you would lay your life down for is now sucking the life out of you?
Growing up, all Holliday wanted was a husband to love her and a child to raise. Simple enough, right? Well she has both, but not under the circumstances she dreamed of. Her husband starts cheating before the ink dries on their marriage certificate, and her stepdaughter, Bell, can’t stand her, because she sees how much Holliday puts up with from her father.
Rush is running around Detroit as if his name isn’t signed on any marriage certificate while his daughter, Bell, is trying to hide under a rock from the embarrassment of her father’s whorish ways and Holliday’s docile personality. Love can be bliss, or love can be toxic… It all depends on who you decide to give it to. Love is powerful, and it can make you do some insane things. Love can either make you feel like you’re walking on air, or it can make you want to cut the air supply from the person who’s causing you heartache.
In Holliday’s case, she’s gone through so much drama with her husband Rush that she’s lost her identity and all her self-respect. but when Rush and his cheating takes a new turn and brings someone deadly into their fold, Holliday wakes up. Rush has never honored his wedding vows to Holliday, and working at Ford Motor Plant is a cheating man’s dream with all the young women coming and going; he’s basically had his cake and a mouthful too. But when the past invades his home, reality sets in, and he starts to realize that maybe his family is worth more than burying his head in between every set of open legs offered to him!
Karma comes back to bite Rush in the ass, but he’s been so messy, he’s not sure who’s trying to ruin him or how to stop the bleeding. Holliday must decide if being married is more important than her sanity, and Rush will have to come to terms that mixing business and pleasure can be deadly. This couple is forced to learn a hard lesson, but who will be the one to learn? Rush or Holliday?