Royal Release

My Hood King Gave Me A Love Like No Other 2

How can the one man you’ve loved for many years and only fallen deeper for, over a short period of time, be engaged to somebody else?

Indira Porter is shocked to find out that Bakari has been engaged for a year. And to be told by the very woman he proposed to, is even more devastating for her. Now that the truth is finally brought to the light, Indira wants absolutely nothing to do with him. But wants and needs are two very different things. And with the way Mr. Marshall has quickly learned to make love to all parts of her body, staying away from him is about to be the biggest challenge of her life. Especially when she knows that despite him keeping such a big secret from her, he’s the only man she still truly wants. However, when Javon makes a bold statement that solidifies his love and commitment to her, Indira starts to realize that staying well away from Bakari Marshall is the only option to choose.

Bakari Marshall never would have imagined being in his current predicament. With his fiancée back in town and the woman he loves trying to stay far away from him, Bakari finds himself juggling two women. One woman who he’s only with for the sake of his parents and the other woman who he refuses to be without. For the first time ever, Bakari’s love life begins to spiral out of control, but not only does his love life spiral, his tight bond with his sister, Tokyo, spirals uncontrollably once he learns who she’s been messing with, an old enemy who Bakari despises with all his heart and soul. When he gives Tokyo an ultimatum to choose the right side, her decision pushes them to a point that they’ve never been before. 

With secrets still lurking deep in the shadows, lines are about to be crossed, and lives will never ever be the same. Battles are about to be lost, but who is strong enough to win the war?