Royal Release

My Hood King Gave Me A Love Like No Other

They’ve secretly been in love with each other from their very first encounter but convinced themselves that they mean nothing to one another. Until one unexpected night, four days before her wedding to another man, changes everything…

Indira Porter has always been a survivor. After a tragic event sets her whole life in a completely new direction, the only person she knows she can trust is herself – and Javon, her boyfriend. The pair are in love or… so it seems. In her mind, their love is real and secure enough to withstand the hardships of life. With their wedding just days away, Indira convinces herself that marrying Javon is the best thing to do despite his imperfections. However, the big lesson Indira is about to learn, is the difference between a boy who exploits her and a man who truly cherishes her.

Bakari Marshall: a man that many love and many love to hate. His attractive looks, irresistible smile and intelligence doesn’t take away from the ruthless, dominant individual he is. Being the only son of his parents, meant that Bakari had to step up and be the protector of his entire family: his mother, father and two crazy ass sisters who he would die for in a heartbeat. Grinding his way to the top meant that he could become the respected, feared and envied man he is today. Falling in love was never part of his game plan and if he did fall in love, he certainly didn’t expect it to be with a beauty such as Indira. Someone that he believed was just a childhood acquaintance and someone who didn’t care for his existence. Indira’s been acquainted to the quiet, humble and no-nonsense side of Mr. Marshall before, but she’s about to become well acquainted with the private, unusual side of him. The side that takes her to indescribable euphoria. The romance between Bakari and Indira consumes them both, becoming intense and too passionate for either party to resist. Despite all the odds saying they can’t be together, Bakari makes it clear to Indira that she alone is who he wants. And the word ‘no’ just happens to not be in his vocabulary.

Can Indira allow herself to be with the one man that she’s convinced herself for so long is
just a product of her past? Or will her loyalty to her so-called fiancé stop her from beginning a new chapter with an infamous yet charming hood king? With secrets lurking in every corner… will Indira be able to trust herself or even anyone at all?

In My Hood King Gave Me A Love Like No Other… love will certainly endure but who is strong enough to win the war?