Royal Release

No Limit To A Bad Girl's Love 2

by DAK

When Rayne makes a decision based off of emotion, she is left to figure out where she stands in everyone’s lives. After discovering her estranged husband’s secrets, Rayne is all over the place and filled with regret. One mistake and the entire world is against her. Trying to figure out where she and Juju stand, she begins to shut everyone out, except Andi, who is the one person that knows her heart and refuses to pick a side between her two best friends. But what happens when Andi is still caught in the crossfire of her friendships while figuring out how to mend her relationship with Patience?

While Rayne is trying to figure out where her relationship with Bullet is headed, Nicki comes back with a secret big enough to make Bullet wash his hands of her. With the world still against her and feeling like she can’t catch a break, what else is left for Rayne to do?

Between her and Juju, two women scorned, what is the best way for them to get it together for the sake of everyone around them?