Royal Release

No Limit To A Bad Girl's Love

by DAK

Brooklyn born and raised beauty, Rayne is living the luxurious life of the dope man’s wife, when suddenly he’s murdered and her world is turned upside down. As she mourns this sudden loss, the only one who understands her pain is Bullet, her husband’s right-hand man. As time passes, the two begin to get closer than ever, and unexpected emotions begin to rise. 

With nothing else to console her, Rayne’s grief leads to a thirst for revenge. She wants the streets to feel her pain and her two best friends, Andi and Juju, are down to help her search for the one responsible.

With things between them starting to change, Rayne is left wondering whether she should be loyal to her heart or to the man who was once her lover, and Bullet’s best friend. Things become even more complicated when it seems like her thirst for revenge causes problems in both of her best friends’ personal lives.

When the truth comes out is Rayne willing to give out passes? Or is she going to continue being the devil’s advocate for who lives and dies?