Royal Release

No Mercy 2: Me & My Hitta

After being shot by Keko, Shamarcus finds himself second-guessing his love for her, but far from being a quitter, he decides to stick it out and overlook her craziness to see where this love thing can take them. He’s got just the thing to keep her in line, but there’s just one problem; it’ll be a cold day on hell before Keko bows down to him. If things with Keko aren’t enough to drive Shamarcus crazy, he’s forced to deal with his father’s recent release from prison. Though his dad is a changed man and wants to make amends for the past, Shamarcus isn’t sure he’s ready to forgive and let his dad back into his life. Will Shamarcus make the right move, or will he end up regretting his decision?

Keko loves Shamarcus more than life itself, but she’s not about to allow him to abuse and take her love for granted. Fully aware that shooting him wasn’t the best approach, she seeks solace and guidance in Anson and Shay; after all, they’re the true definition of that ride or die kinda love. After some thought, Keko thinks she’s ready to deal with both the highs and lows for love, until Shamarcus throws a curveball and brings up the topic of kids. Keko is focused on chasing her goals, and motherhood is not on her short list, but love is about compromise, right? Will Keko do the unselfish thing and allow her relationship to progress to the next level, or will she stand her ground and possibly lose Shamarcus forever?

In part two of this No Mercy love story, Shamarcus and Keko take you on a suspenseful journey as they become the fearless assassins they were destined to be. Each mission is easy like Sunday morning—that is, until they are tasked to save the many girls that have gone missing in DC. Forced to step out of their comfort zones, they find the mission harder than expected with no killing involved. They’re not just out to bring the missing girls home, though; they’re also on the hunt for long-lost family members, and while finding them proves to be the easy part, Keko and Shamarcus soon find themselves wondering whether finding them was a good thing. Will they regret seeking out their long-lost family? Will they find their own lives on the line as a result? These questions and more will be answered in this epic conclusion of No Mercy: Me and My Hitta!