Royal Release

So Obessed With A Brooklyn Boss 2: She Fell In Love With That Dirty Money

Heartbroken over the demise of her relationship with Savant, Moe struggles to go back to life before him, finding it easier said than done. Hovering between bouts of depression and attempts of promiscuity, Moe is convinced that she’ll never find another man to care for her the way Savant did. Until she meets the mysterious Onyx and discovers that she has a debt to settle. Forced to work off her debt, Moe discovers a new life in the drug trade that small cons never afforded her. For the first time in her life, she works for her money, and it feels good. But, as usual, with more money comes more problems. Moe has to juggle being a big sister to a difficult Roni, a shoulder to lean on for an incarcerated Damaris, and discovering a normal life with Juju. And just when she thinks she has it under control, the opportunity to reclaim the love of her life pops up with a cost larger than any dollar amount.

Hailing from Jamaican royalty, Johann “Onyx” Walcott is a beast in the streets and in the boardroom. A successful connect by day and prominent club owner by night, Onyx lives the life many would envy enough to steal from it, which is what happens when Moe walks into First Continental Bank and robs him of his attaché case containing a quarter of a million dollars. It doesn’t take him long to find her, and when he does, he discovers that a beautiful face and cold heart lie behind her ski mask. Instead of killing her, Onyx turns Moe into a ruthless runner, who wreaks havoc on the streets and slowly builds a name for herself. Onyx soon learns that there is more to Moe than meets the eye and finds himself slowly falling for her, but he’s wondering in the back of his head if she was true to the game or simply playing it because the price was right.

Connected by a contract to Onyx while remaining loyal to her feelings for Savant, Moe is stuck in an emotional tug of war, finding herself in a situation that money can't solve. And when an opportunity to be free of Onyx presents itself, she has to decide if she's ready to give up the fast money for love, or pledge her allegiance to the dead presidents.