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So Obsessed With A Brooklyn Boss 3: She Fell In Love With That Dirty Money

Moe and the crew are back in the final installment of the Dirty Money Saga for one final heist where they have the opportunity to get rich or die trying.

No matter how much dirty money she has chased, no dollar amount has ever filled the void in her heart the way Savant has. He's the Prince Charming that she's always imagined taking her away from her troubled life and giving her the normalcy she deserves. However, Moe finds that the fairytale life she envisions won’t happen when two old ghosts reenter Savant’s life: his treacherous ex-girlfriend, Nik, and the very slick Kasiim. Between Nik’s desire to stir the pot and Kasiim luring Savant back into his fast lifestyle, every step forward Moe and Savant takes comes with four drama filled steps back. Moe finds herself constantly questioning Savant’s loyalty to her, and their relationship is tested when a huge family secret threatens everything they’ve built.

As if her life wasn’t difficult enough, Moe's mother, Deborah, reenters with the intentions of spilling secrets and reigniting old grudges. Like any hustler, Deborah’s silence comes with a price, and Moe has to make the decision to pay…or make her go away for free. Since the reformed life doesn’t offer a large enough payout, Moe rejoins Poochie and the team for the planning of one last heist that can set them up for life, or have them doing twenty-five to life. Stepping back into the game comes with reminders of the good times, with one good time in particular: Onyx. Although Moe fights her feelings for Onyx, the Brooklyn boss becomes a constant in her life when the going gets rough with Savant and the only man who embraces her love of the pursuit of dirty money.

In the finale of So Obsessed with a Brooklyn Boss, allegiances change, loyalties are tested, and love comes with a price at the pursuit of dirty money. Moe must tread lightly and determine if she wants to be the bad girl gone good with Savant, or be the queen that Onyx is searching for to help rule his kingdom one dollar bill at a time.