Royal Release

So Obsessed With A Brooklyn Boss: She Fell In Love With That Dirty Money

Born in the heart of Brooklyn to a dope fiend mother and ghost of a father, Moette Henderson, aka Moe, learned at a young age that cash ruled all. Raised by her money hungry foster mother, Moe quickly became one of the best hustlers in the game, wooing some of the biggest kingpins in the game and hitting them where it hurts the most: their pockets. Moe has been hardened by the game, and the only thing keeping her sane was her little sister, Roni. It's Moe's dedication to making sure that Roni had the life she's always dreamed of that kept her pushing, and she's convinced that she's got it under control until she meets Savant, a bandit turned businessman.

A born paper chaser with no fear of the law or losing his life, Savant is every woman’s dream and hustler’s nightmare. After being betrayed by the love of his life in a heist gone wrong, Savant has sworn off his trigger happy ways and decides to lay low while building an empire of his own. He's content with his playboy lifestyle until he meets Moe, a mysterious beauty that might make him a believer in love again. She's everything that he could ask for: smart, loyal, and a natural born hustler like himself. The problem? There's something about her that he can't quite put his finger on.

When Moe’s best friend, Damaris, comes up with the idea to go from robbing hustlers to banks, Moe’s apprehensive until she gets a taste of that dirty money. With an insatiable taste for the thrill of heist after heist, Moe has to keep her lifestyle hidden from the reserved Savant. Forced to live two lives, Moe must decide whether to take a chance on a love that she never saw coming or to keep chasing the almighty dollar.