Royal Release

O'Kelly Boyz 2: Good Girls Love Thugs

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Admitting what didn’t work can never negate the things that did work. The parts of the relationship that are beautiful and loving will always remain beautiful and loving. Love is real, even if it doesn’t last, and nothing can change that. Sergio is going through it with his love kissing another guy. When he realizes he’s the problem, will he try to get Syria back, or will it be too late?

A diva is the female version of a hustler. That is exactly what Rasheeda King is, a diva. She and Santo make a great fit. Santo, being afraid of love, messes up a beautiful thing before it can even blossom, leaving Rasheeda up for grabs. If only he knew Rasheeda was the one for him, but remembering Santo telling her he isn’t in the market for a relationship brings Rasheeda back to reality. Unheard cries, feelings, and love are the cause for Santo’s fear of love. His mother scarred his heart. When he assures Rasheeda that he’s ready for love, will she give him another chance, or will she fall for another man who’s willing to give her all his love?

Young love does exist, especially for Saxon and Shante. Timing does nothing for the couple who has found justice for the feelings they both share. Just because love doesn’t have an age limit doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. Just when Saxon is ready to give his all, Shante finds her heart wandering elsewhere. Can Saxon prove his love is real and not a mere act to Shante before it is too late?

Find out what is to come in the last installment of O’Kelly Boyz: Good Girls Love Thugs 2.