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O'Kelly Boyz: Good Girls Love Thugs

A queen is defined as a girl who is very important or successful at something.

Rasheeda King has worked her butt off, only to fall short in the end. She finally catches a few breaks, but all good things must come to an end, or do they? When Rasheeda finally lands a chance for her dream job, she does whatever it takes to make sure she impresses her boss. What she wasn’t expecting was for someone to charm his way into her life and put her career at stake. Once her boss finds out that she’s withholding information, he threatens to fire her and end her career before it starts. Will she let charm or fear make her life decision for her?

Shante King, Rasheeda’s younger sister, is in her junior year of college. Her father provides everything she needs until his new wife puts a stop on the funds he was giving her. Shante decides on a side hustle until she can find something else. When she starts her new hustle, she never thinks she’ll be in the middle of a war zone. Her intentions are never to bring harm to the young guy she meets in the process. Will she make clear that she has no parts in the war that is started, or will harm find its way to her?

The male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth, is exactly where the O’Kelly Boyz get their stamp of approval. Their father, Sebastian, is the King of Illinois. He passes down the thrown to his three sons.

Santo O’Kelly has everything he has ever wanted; money, fame, and power. Although he feels he doesn’t need a strong woman, one strolls into his restaurant. Only problem is, she’s not looking to eat. She comes to inspect, and although he makes sure everything is flawless, she finds something that could possibly shut him down for good. Santo, being the charming guy he is, plans to sweet talk her into letting him slide. Will this woman let his charm diffuse the job she has come to do?

Sergio O’Kelly is the middle son. He has everything a man could ever want. His woman of ten years starts to feel that she’s not worthy to carry his last name. It isn’t that she’s not worthy. It’s the scar his mother left on his heart when she left his father, him, and his brothers. Although he never told anyone how he felt about his mother leaving, he starts to show it in his relationship. When an enemy see’s their relationship failing, he starts to make his move on Syria, Sergio’s girl. Sergio, still heavy in the streets, plans to get out, but with enemies coming at him and his girl, he has no choice but to keep his hand in the streets.

Saxon, the youngest of the O’Kelly Boyz, is just enjoying life. He’s loving the fame and power with being a young king in the streets. When his father tells him he has to bring a date to his retirement party, he tries his best to find the right one. With no such luck, he is talked into trying out an escort service. Although his brothers are against it, he does anyway. One night of service sparks the young king’s curiosity of this young woman. But, when he tries to find her after the one night, he finds out that she isn’t who she says she is. Could this one night be a message for a lifetime of pain?

Follow these young adults in this O’Kelly Boyz Series.