Royal Release

Phresh and Nykee 3: Loving You Past The Pain

Nykee’s life had always been about making decisions, and she had made the worst one this time around. Aware of the type of man Martinez is, she put her fears aside and stepped to him in hopes of getting Phresh out of the Cartel for the sake of their expanding family. What she didn’t know was how ruthless and cold-hearted, Mr. One Eye was, but she would soon find out. 

Confused and beyond upset with her decision, Phresh once again places his life on the line to save Nykee and their unborn child. With drama unfolding around him and secrets coming to light, he’s reminded that he can no longer trust the people closest to him; family included. What he does know is that Martinez must pay for the hell he has put him through, and Phresh isn’t going down without a fight.

With enemies lurking in the background wanting to see the couple fail, a few jealous people will stop at nothing to seek revenge. In this fast-paced finale, Phresh and Nykee’s love for one another is tested on every level they could imagine. Will they be able to return to the life they once knew without one another or will they learn to love each other past their pain and faults?