Royal Release

Phresh & Nykee: Loving You Past The Pain

For the majority of her life, Nykee James, 27, hasn’t had to question what her calling is on this Earth. Being a librarian and a self-made entrepreneur is what she lives for. Her parents and boyfriend Roland of four years however, aren’t as supportive of her dreams. When Roland does the unthinkable, Nykee is left with just the clothes on her back and is forced into a dilemma that her feisty mouth and alluring looks can’t save her from.

Handsome and business-savvy Cuban native, Thiago ‘Phresh’ Avila, 30, is focused on one thing only: making money. In a bind with one of the biggest Cartels, he and his brother Santino are grinding hand over fist to clear their family’s name. When Nykee runs into Phresh, he willingly offers help in exchange for her to keep quiet about a secret she that she becomes privy of.

Though Phresh and Nykee cross paths by accident, their attraction to one another is undeniable, and their chemistry is off the Richter scale. What was meant to be strictly business turns into much more and they find themselves almost completely open for one another. They’ll both soon learn that being too nice comes with sacrifices neither of them are willing or ready to hand over.