Royal Release

Promise Me Forever: Falling For A Young Boss

At twenty-five years old, Promise Marshall believes that she’s met the man of her dreams, the day she is introduced to thirty-six-year-old Ameechi White, better known as Meechi. Sparks fly, and in less than three months, the couple moves in together. In the beginning of their relationship, Meechi was kind, loving, and caring. The fairytale quickly ends when she realizes that he is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
After three long years, Promise has finally reached the end of the road and wants out. However, Meechi is not willing to let her walk away so easily. But after carefully devising a plan of escape, Promise leaves like a thief in the night.
Soon after arriving in Atlanta, Promise meets the very sexy, Tariq Jordan, a reformed young hustler with a go get it mentality, who is used to getting whatever he set his eyes on. Against her better judgment, she finds herself falling for Tariq. Just as Promise’s life takes a turn for the better, her past comes back with a vengeance, threatening to destroy her newfound happiness.