Royal Release

Promising My Love to a Boss 3

The truth is out and Salimah is tangled into the nastiest web of her life. Caught between two men she once loved and the one who holds her heart, now. With a baby on the way, she has to face the music and deal with the karma she brought onto herself. Confined in total darkness with little to no food or water, her thoughts become her refuge… But those same thoughts haunt her with the demons from her past and the hateful actions against her baby sister. Seemingly all hope is gone, Salimah slowly gives up. Wishing she’d thought things through. Is life worth living?

Tyrone is caught between a rock and a hard place. Once the brother with all the answers, he’s left broken-hearted and discarded. Torn between the facts and his feelings. How could the same girl who he loved and claimed to love him double cross him? Did he miss the signs? Now, his brothers are in jeopardy and Tyrone is partially to blame. Even through this, Torin, the same brother he attacked and belittled is the only person he trusts during this trying time in his life. Will Torin be the bigger person and help his brother or will he hold a grudge and hang him out to dry?

A rocky past unraveling itself leaves Fatima in a rut. Defying Torin’s wishes and snooping around The Windy City for answers. Left handcuffed to a bed, Fatima must come to grips with all the secrets she’s kept from Torin. From her sneaking out of the house to meet with his estranged sister to keeping her pregnancy a secret. With Torin ten steps ahead of her there’s no room for lies and games. Not to mention, she and her best friend are on the outs, leaving Fatima with nobody to run to. Will she open up to Torin about everything she’s been up to or add more gasoline to the fire?

Crack open Promising My Love to a Boss 3 and find out how these stories unveil. There’s no love in these streets and the city that hates itself will swallow you whole.