Royal Release

Pulling the Plug: In Love with a Boss


“You love and you lose.” That has always been Mercy’s motto. At eighteen, she’s taken more losses than gains when it comes to love. Being the daughter of her abuser, Mercy struggles with the ability to trust anyone.

This well-rounded, yet broken, girl from Chicago has become accustomed to losing herself to love a man. And that’s exactly what happens with her boyfriend, Stone. There is pretty much nothing she won’t do to prove her love to him; And everyone knows that, including Stone. So he uses her loyalty to his advantage every time.

Growing tired of Stone’s cheating and disrespect, Mercy finally walks away from her unhealthy relationship with him. Like any young girl lost in love, Mercy is heartbroken. That is, until a trip to the City of Dreams changes that.

Just as cocky and handsome as ever, Saint marches into her world and turns it around. Saint is Mercy’s “Ghetto Prince Charming”. Hailing from, and practically running, the streets of New York, Saint is everything Mercy never knew she needed.

However, with such a fast lifestyle and so much power, drama is sure to come for the twenty-one year old, powerhouse. Friends turn out to be foes, and the FEDS aren’t letting up. Saint knew that his time would come, and he had always been okay with the consequences of his actions. That was until he fell head over heels in love with Mercy. Will Saint’s line of work be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Or will Mercy’s loyalty prove that their love is strong enough to stand it’s test?