Royal Release

Pursuing The Plug


With the hustle of his father and a heart that reflects his mother’s, Rafeeq Jones was bound for eminence. As a sole entity, his parents gave him free reign in young adulthood, which led to his unfathomable career choice.

The streets refer to him as “Heavy”, a pseudonym representing more than his frame. Heavy pockets. Heavy cash flow. Heavy in the game. Heavy hitter. Heavy-handed. Heavy-hearted. Rafeeq suited them all. His heaviness in the streets caused him to lead a lonesome lifestyle that he had no desire to transform. At least not until he meets Hampsher, the radiating reflection of himself.

Happiness was unobtainable for Hampsher Wells. She’d convinced herself of it since the deadly killing of her mother, which she’d watched from the banister of her home at the age of seven. She stumbled upon Rafeeq with no intentions of entertaining him beyond the night of pleasure they both indulged in.

If there’s nothing else you’ve learned about the first Mr. Jones, you’re vetted on his persistence. Rafeeq is no different from his father, his chase also filled with elation and determination. However, the woman he’s after doesn’t plan on being caught. Ever.