Royal Release

Replaceable You Are 3

Chanel finally found happiness. Real has come into her life and swept her off her feet. He proposed, and of course she said yes. Her career is taking off, and she is on cloud nine. When she finally starts her counseling to the community for men and women who dealt with abuse, depression, drugs and women who needed to just talk to someone, she never thought the person sitting across from her would make her feel as if she were replaceable in her own man’s life. Will she and Real make it down the aisle?

Da’Sha finally told Benz what happened the night of her bachelorette party. She thought that telling him would clear her conscience and that they would move forward in their marriage. However, Benz doesn’t deal with the news well. He’s out for blood. Will he forgive her and move forward with their relationship, or will he end their marriage way before it even gets started?

Angie thought telling RJ she was pregnant would be hard because he just started his job, but what was hard was for her to hear him asking if the baby was his, although the outcome isn’t enough to break them up.

Though these couples seem to always bounce back and maintain their relationships, something aiming right at them will come and turn their whole world upside down.