Royal Release

Replaceable You Are

“Sometimes in life, we feel that we have it all with the one we love, but we often forget that everyone can be replaced.”

Chanel and Jamal are high school sweethearts, who seem to have it all together, but we all know that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Jamel has put Chanel through so much, yet she continues to hold onto the love that they share, until he pushes her too far. But has he pushed her far enough to finally walk away? Will someone come into her life and show her that Jamel’s seemingly irreplaceable love is replaceable after all?

Da’sha is a mother of a handsome three-year-old son, whom she loves to death. She wants nothing more than to live a happy life and have a real family with her son’s father, Benz, but we all know we often meet people who change us. Can Benz get his family together before it’s too late or will someone sweep Da’Sha off of her feet and help her move on?

Angie feels that her man is all that she needs and no one can take his place. That is until she catches the eye of another man, who just may prove her wrong and show her that her man is indeed replaceable. Can love keep them together or will Angie find that the grass really is greener on the other side?

Join Chanel, Da’Sha, and Angie on their journey through life and love as they prove to the men in their lives that no matter how much history you may have, everyone is replaceable.