Risking It All For The Love Of A Boss 2


vIn part 2 of ‘Risking it All for the Love of a Boss’ Chasity is forced to get a job because all of her dad’s accounts are frozen. She works in the same hospital that King is in when he slips into a coma and is harassed by her supervisor because she visits him every day.

When King wakes up he discovers a lot of disturbing news; news that leaves him on bad terms with Rudy and puts Money on his ‘People That Must Die’ list. Chaz gives an unofficial statement and King is handcuffed to his hospital bed with promises to go straight to jail once he’s cleared. There’s nothing he could do about it, but that doesn’t mean Chasity can’t do anything about it. She helps to get rid of Linda, and King and her father is set free. 

Chasity is relieved because she feels like she finally has both of her men in her life, but Chaz had other plans. He isn’t happy with his daughter and begins to ignore her because he feels like she is choosing King over family. Again, she’s forced to choose between her father and the man who stole her heart. 

After Queenie is kidnapped, King turns to the bottle to try and conceal his feelings. His drunk outbursts might be enough to make Chasity’s decision an easy one. Or maybe, she’s still willing to Risk it All for her Boss.