Risking It All For The Love Of a Boss


Chasity is the oldest daughter and ‘side baby’ of multi-millionaire, Chaz Arrington. She lives a much more lavish life than your average teenager, staying laced in the latest designer clothes and flashiest jewelry. She has everything she needs, but she’s still missing the one thing every girl longs for: real love.
Even being raised in a million-dollar mansion can’t fill the void that comes with never knowing her mother. Growing up in a house with her evil stepmother only makes her feel like an outcast, even though she’s the apple of her dad’s eye. Even so, with her dad’s frequent trips to see his long-time mistress, and her aunt living over 2,000 miles away, Chasity often feels neglected.

King Anderson is the definition of a young self-made boss. At only the age of 16, the death of his father forced him to take over the family advertising agency. At the time the business was taking a spiral downhill and going broke. King turned to the streets, determined to make quick cash and launder it to look like the company was progressing and before he knew it, business was booming.

Now at the age of 21, King is the owner of a million-dollar legit business and a multi-million-dollar street business. He’s able to spoil his mother and younger siblings with anything they want and need, so for him, everything is perfect. Everything besides the constant nagging from his mom telling him to find someone to make him happy.
Everyone in Pennsylvania knows of King so bitches flocked to him. The problem is King knows they’re all the same: looking to build a name and make a quick come up. He refuses to be anybody’s bank ride, and honestly, he’s happy making his family happy. At least that’s what he thinks until he meets Chasity.

Chasity and King cross paths by accident and are instantly drawn to each other. As if they were created for one another, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Even when chaos breaks out in their individual worlds, they’re still able to find peace together. But when Chaz gets caught up on the street side of King’s business, he threatens to take the whole empire down, leaving Chasity to pick a side. Will Chasity help the two men in her life finally see eye to eye, or will she risk it all for the love of a king?