Royal Release

Runaway Christmas: A Runaway Love Holiday

by Virgo

Marcus and Timbre are back. After two years and three children, the honeymoon is definitely over. Marcus and Timbre have settled into married life, and monotony has set in. Desperate to put the spark back into her new marriage, Timbre takes on a new hobby that has her out late hours. Marcus, growing suspicious that her late hours equal a new man in her life, hires a private investigator that reveals more secrets about Timbre than Marcus has bargained for.

Mariah, Marcus's baby sister, is home from college with her new boyfriend in tow. She thinks he may be the one, but Timbre sees red flags that concerns her. Trying to be a good sister-in-law, she tries to warn Mariah, but Mariah is too head strong to realize that Timbre is only looking out for her well-being. Mariah's new beau takes her on a rollercoaster ride that forces her big brother and sister-in-law to step in.

With Kyla, Simone, and the rest of their loved ones coming into town, will Timbre and Marcus be able to keep their family together and rid themselves of the drama in order to have a happy holiday?