Royal Release

Runaway Love: Best Thing I Never Had

by Virgo

Four years ago, Timbre Lennox was a bright college student who had a lot going for herself until she met and fell in love with Jamal, a star athlete with a closet full of skeletons. Timbre abandons her safe lifestyle in South Carolina to move to New York with Jamal only to have her fairytale fall apart. Jamal is an abusive and controlling cheater. He often beats on Timbre and she isn’t allowed much contact with the outside world.

One night, after one of Jamal’s brutal beatings, Timbre has had enough and flees the apartment she shares with Jamal. She arrives at the bus station where she meets Kyla who helps her get on a bus to Hampton, Virginia. Kyla gives Timbre the number to her sister Simone who is waiting for her.

With Simone’s help, Timbre is able to piece together her life and start fresh with a new job. One day after work, Simone stops at a local car wash and meets Marcus, a single father. The chemistry is apparent between the two, but Timbre is cautious not to fall in love again. The two exchange numbers and eventually go on a date together. Timbre is attracted to Marcus’ take charge ability and his tenderness with his daughter, Yohaira, and his sister, Mariah. They easily fall into a relationship.

When it seems that Timbre’s life is on track, she is thrown for a loop when she discovers that Kyla’s boyfriend, Tim, is her long lost half-brother. Timbre also learns that her father and Uncle Blue are two of the most ruthless gangsters from New York. Timbre takes all of the information in and is happy to know that she has a brother. She insists that they will continue to get to know each other. When she is leaving her uncle’s house after her meeting, Timbre calls Marcus and confesses her feelings towards him. As Marcus is making his own confession, Timbre is involved in a car wreck. Jamal, in a jealous rage, has rear ended Timbre and in true Jamal fashion, he brutally beats her and leaves her for dead. Unbeknownst to Jamal, he has just ignited a war with one of the most notorious families of New York he would never win.

With both families against each other, Timbre feels caught in the middle. She tries her best to continue to live a normal life, but with Jamal lurking, it makes it extremely hard for her. While attending her friend’s baby shower, Timbre comes face to face with her worst fear and is taken by Jamal’s people. Timbre leaves behind a very important message for Marcus and her family that definitely will change the course of everyone’s life….and someone’s death.