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Saint's Heaven 2: An Urban Romance (Saint's Heaven: An Urban Romance)

by Virgo

True love is indestructible, but Saint and Heaven’s happily ever after seemed to crash and burn before they even got off the ground. It’s true that misery loves company as each of their exes join forces with the most unlikely of allies to rip Saint and Heaven apart by any means necessary.
Saint is determined to live up to his name and shine like the born-again good guy that he is, but with snakes like Kalina and his mother testing his patience, he soon finds himself walking a thin line between his freedom and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The last thing Heaven thought she’d be doing is playing single mother to three children, and when she finally faces the truth, she realizes that Saint is her future, and that their family is something worth fighting for. But just as she’s gearing up to head into battle, Flex steps into the ring and proves that he has no intention of bowing down and allowing another man to claim the family was his from the beginning. Which man will win the Heavenly object of his heart’s obsession when it’s all said and done?