Royal Release

Saint's Heaven 3: An Urban Romance

by Virgo

After her water breaks in the middle of her custody hearing, Heaven is faced with the struggle of bringing a new life into the world and keeping her own life from falling apart. In the midst of everything, Saint finally finds the opportunity to ask Heaven to marry him. Flex still continues to be a thorn in her side. Heaven feels obligated to protect herself even more against Saint and he is not feeling it.

Saint’s drama with his mama and Lailani is coming to a head. No matter how much he puts his foot down, Sharon is determined to throw Lailani in his face. It will take some divine intervention to keep Saint’s small family from imploding.
With a wedding quickly approaching, Heaven and Saint do not look like they are going to make it to the altar. Flex and Lailani continue to try to sabotage their relationship and it could possibly drive them apart. Will Saint and Heaven finally let go of the past and bury their exes with it? Or will they succumb to outside pressure and call it quits?