Royal Release

His Savage Was Her Weakness 2

His Savage was Her Weakness 2 picks up with Nubia fighting for her life after Vincent desperately tries to regain control over her. Broken, bruised, and tired of the abuse, Nubia makes a conscious decision to choose herself over Vincent. Part of this choice means leaving behind the security he once provided and paving her own way. She knows the path won’t be easy, but after receiving life-changing news, Nubia has to do whatever it takes to be successful in her future endeavors, even if it means stepping into the very game that claimed her parents’ lives. No matter how many lows and highs she experiences, there’s always one consistent person in her life: Maine, who saves her even when she doesn’t want to save herself.

With his status on the streets upgraded and his eyes on being the next distributor of New York City, Maine finds little time to spend protecting a troubled Nubia, but does what he can. His player ways have caught up with him, forcing him into a relationship with the spoiled Estalita. While the pairing to the pampered princess might not be part of his dreams, the keys to the kingdom that she holds make the relationship worth it. No matter how much pressure being the new face of the Solares Cartel holds, Maine still finds time to entertain his hoes. Like the unlimited supply of money and pushing the toughest whips, the women in his life fill a void. That is until Nubia comes hurtling back into his life as abruptly as she left. He’s ready to act on his feelings when he discovers that one of the most memorable nights of his life is overshadowed by one of the worst days of Nubia’s.

With Sampson in possession of her heart while Donovan still maintains her loyalty, Shahani struggles to balance the new man in her life that wants to give her the world, while still holding down the one that saved her from pole. Shahani runs to Donovan when faced with ugly truths from Sampson and finds solace in Sampson’s arms when Donovan’s heartless ways wear her thin. As she battles with her choice, the decision is finally made for her with catastrophic consequences: bonds are broken, the truth had done more damage than even the sweetest lies, and now Shahani must pick up the pieces of her life and build it back up by herself. Success is eventually achieved for Shahani, but it comes with a cost: making the same mistakes, just with a new face.

As friends become enemies, two star-crossed lovers become one, and snakes lie in wait for the perfect moment to strike, Nubia has to ask herself if she’s ready to face her monster of a husband, Shahani has to decide between her dreams and her sanity, and Maine? He has to figure out how to protect Nubia from the same streets he’s pledged his loyalty to.