Royal Release

His Savage Was Her Weakness 3

“They say once a good girl’s gone bad, she’s gone forever.”

Nubia has been a victim for the past ten years of her life—a victim of circumstance, a victim of domestic violence, and a victim of life in general—but when she defeats Vincent in a battle for her life, she quits being a victim and becomes a warrior. From reclaiming her unknown legacy to being reclaimed by the special man in her life, Nubia blossoms into a woman that doesn’t take shit from anyone. Not from her uncle. Certainly not from her aunt. But if there is one situation that drives her back to her timid ways, it’s the target on the back of her head. Nubia’s luck is starting to run low with each attempt on her life hitting closer to home.

Torn between the security of the game and his love for Nubia, Maine finds himself having to choose between either one at any given moment. However, that’s not the only choice Maine is forced to make. Maine promised Sampson that he would kill the little girl from ten years ago when the time was right. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with her. Wedged between his loyalty to Nubia and Sampson, Maine toes a dangerous line that forces him to protect the love of his live while spurning the hand that once fed him. Can Maine save Nubia from her predetermined fate, or will the bond of his word be broken?

With an old flame back from the grave, Shahani finds herself once again torn between the comforting past love she had with Lonzo and the tumultuous relationship she currently shares with Sampson. Shahani finds herself being constantly tugged between the two men at any given time, forcing her to play her cards close for the sake of her heart. Convinced that Sampson is hiding a huge secret from her, Shahani almost succumbs to the elusive Lonzo, only to find out that his reappearance into her life might not have been as innocent as she once thought. Both of the men in her life are out for blood and in the end Shahani must make a choice between backing her new love, staying loyal to an old flame, or choosing herself for once.

In the final installment of His Savage was Her Weakness, love battles loyalty, fears are overcome by courage, and open wounds can finally heal. However, if Maine, Nubia, and Shahani can have the happy endings they deserve, they’re going to have to work for it.