Saved By A Savage


“Make me a woman—your woman,” 
Bria S.

Bria and her twin, Briana, are living average twenty-year-old lives when a traumatic death in their family changes their lives completely and forces them to learn more about their past. They meet their father for the first time, move to a new town, and do their best to adjust to their new life. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse all over again, but this time they have Kaine there to help. Although they’re in denial to the people around them, Bria and Kaine develop indefinable feelings for each other. His treacherous ways turn her on and she finds herself letting him give her what no other man has. But when things go south again, she feels divided between the two people left in her life that she cares most about. Will she stand by the man who made her heartthrob the moment she met him, after the devastating circumstance she’s faced with?