Royal Release

Saving A Good Girl 2: A Detroit Love Story

Can this good girl truly be saved?

George, the ex from hell, did a number on Amaya when he attempted to rape her and
sully her name; however, he paid the price by going overboard and sinking into a well-deserved abyss. Unfortunately, his shenanigans have left Amaya in a coma that has everyone around her appreciating how precious life is and truly considering their feelings. Especially her best male friend, Liam, who now realizes that he feels much more for Amaya than just simple friendship.

Everyone is learning the hard way, that Detroit is a tangled web of lies and deceit, where
no sin stays buried. Then one secret is unearthed that causes a ripple effect which may shatter friendships and demolish the new love that Amaya and Lucas have forever.
But, no matter the cost Lucas is not prepared to give Amaya up without a fight, and he
fights dirty while trying to save his good girl.