Royal Release

Saving A Good Girl: A Detroit Love Story

Some fuckboys just can’t leave well enough alone… 

Amaya Adler is a bona fide boss chick, and after being hurt in her last relationship, she is completely focused on being the best mother that she can be to her son, expanding her skills, and taking her fashion design business to the next level. Even though she is determined to do her, when she meets Lucas, she is drawn into his confidence and hyper-masculinity. Being an only child, Maya has grown up getting her way and has developed a fierce stubbornness, which most people can’t handle, but Lucas, a force of nature in his own right, is turning all of that on its head. 

Lucas, a successful businessman and dope boy, decided to go out on whim and let his friend fix him up. Not expecting to fall in love with Amaya, he is caught off guard when he does and sets on a course to break through her strong-willed attitude and show her what a real man can do to and for his woman. 
Lucas is finally able to burst through Amaya’s emotional wall, and they think they’re on the road to happily ever after. With everything smooth sailing, their lives are turned upside down on one fateful night that makes Lucas revert to his past and Amaya turn tail and run. 

The douchebag who broke Amaya’s heart has decided that he wants Amaya back. When he finds out that Lucas is the person she has moved on with, he has one goal in mind, and that’s to destroy her reputation so that Lucas—or any other man, for that matter—will no longer want her. 

Is Lucas that one person who can truly change Amaya and help her to heal and trust again, or will giving him a chance end up being the worst mistake of her life?