Royal Release

Scorpion and Zolar: A Dangerous Gangsta Love

At the tender age of eighteen, Zolar ‘Zoe’ Henry Price was kicked out of her parents’ home when she showed up married to Semaj Price, whom her parents deemed a low-life thug. After her parents kicked her out, Semaj promised to love, support, and send her to college. Semaj was holding up his end of the deal, until he moved up a rank in the streets and started receiving more attention than he was used to. That attention led to Semaj having an affair with a woman who was willing to do anything to get a spot in Semaj’s life, including trying to plot a murder.

Scorpion: small, quiet but deadly; injecting you with its deadly venom when you least expect it. That’s what the streets were saying about Phalec Grant, also known as Scorpion. Scorpion was a certified personal trainer during the day, and a ruthless street king by night.

Scorpion crosses paths with Zolar, and Scorpion, being the charming ladies’ man that he was, is instantly attracted to Zolar, but nothing or no one could make her break her vows to Semaj; that is… until she catches him in a compromising position. Scorpion, never hearing the word ‘no,’ makes him prey on Zolar even harder. After finding out a piece of information that Scorpion has happened to leave out about his life, Zolar cuts him and his venomous claws off, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get what he believes belongs to him.

Loyalty is tested. Lines are crossed. Backs are against the wall. People will win. People will die. In this novel, you will find out how far people will go for love.