Royal Release

Shaun And Tatiana: Another Hood Love Story

What happens when a man and a woman meet but they both are crazy as hell? Shaun is about to find out!

Shaun always knew of Tatiana but he never really paid her any mind. The main reason being that Tatiana was about that street life, just as he was, which was a major turn-off for him. Still, there was just something about Tatiana that he couldn’t stay away from. To him, she was like a drug. However, whenever they crossed paths, they always ended up at each other’s throats and each encounter would end in drama. Then came the moment when they could no longer avoid love’s call and found themselves attracted to each other in ways they just couldn’t ignore.

Tatiana has her own issues and secrets that she has kept well hidden from everyone. Once these secrets are revealed to Shaun, he’s left wondering if he is willing to stick it out with her or whether she’s really worth it in the end.

Hood love isn’t always easy but for the ones who can survive through it, it can become the best kind of love they’ll ever find. The question for Shaun and Tatiana is whether they will make it through or will they fold under the pressure that this complicated love will take them through.