Royal Release

Shawty Fell In Love With a Star An R&B Love Story 2

Nothing makes a bond stronger than sharing the love of a child. Of course, The Regal and Golden's love is a little unorthodox and they receive two precious bundles. With the world shaken up over The Regal's newfound fatherhood, Golden takes a hiatus into the background. Still keeping a watchful eye over her heart and soul, The Regal, while fighting her true feelings for the father of her children. Not quite used to the music world and the sins within, Golden is always on her toes, accusing every woman in sight. Does love make a man faithful?
The Regal was known for drug and alcohol-infused parties, but as a father his bad boy rep is slowly drying out. There's only one problem… His past pops up and lingers, as he desperately tries to win back Golden's trust and get his family under one roof. Ain't nothing wrong with wanting that old thing back. Will The Regal be able to show restraint when it comes to the women who constantly throw themselves at him or will his cave like any famous man would? Is love enough to satisfy him or is Destine just like any other man with a high sex drive with different women?
With Golden and The Regal's family's unnaturally intertwined, it's the both of them against the world. Will they shake they're own stubborn ways and make their relationship work for their children and all the people who doubted them or walk away from the love they've once shared… Just like some people predicted they would?