Royal Release

Shawty Got A Thang For Them Country Boys

Sundy Cumberland watched her mother be a kept woman her entire life. When one relationship ended, her mother would be on to the next man, and with each man came a new baby. No one thought twice, when Sundy met Paper soon after she graduated from high school and he began taking care of her. Being a kept woman was all good until one night, Sundy literally walked into a situation that almost claimed her life. In the blink of an eye, Paper was gone and so was her livelihood. Not sure what else to do, but knowing she wanted revenge on the people that cost her, her old life, Sundy moved to North Carolina to regroup and get her money right so she could go back to New York and distribute street justice to the men that violated. Sundy finds more than peace of mind and money in North Carolina, she also finds a real man.

Tavoris ‘Ugly’ Boone, makes everyone do a double take. Chocolate and handsome are only a few of the words that so accurately describe him, but when people hear his nickname, they can’t believe it. How can something so beautiful be called Ugly? The name doesn’t bother Tavoris however. He’s well known and well respected in Raleigh, as the cool dude from Memphis, Tennessee with the thick country accent. Being on the run from charges and wanting to be a positive force in his son’s life, keeps Ugly from being too deep in the streets. He does just enough to make sure his son doesn’t want for anything, but when he meets a gorgeous, feisty, shawty from New York, she turns him on to a lick that fattens his pockets. The more the two are around each other, the more they fall for each other, but Sundy has unfinished business and as long as it’s unfinished, she can’t start anything new, or can she?