Royal Release

She Made A Savage Catch Feelings

by DAK

Seventeen-year-old Autumn DeJohn has a voice that the world just needs to hear. Knowing that she has a talent that will get her far in life, Autumn cannot be thankful enough when her mother introduces her to one of the most popular record producers in New York City, August Latimore. But what happens when things aren’t what they seem?

After her mother betrays her, Autumn is forced to deal with August when her biggest goal is to get away from him. But when he proves that he can give her the life she has always dreamed of and she meets his son, Phor, sparks begin to fly in ways that neither of them had ever experienced.

Between her love for Phor, her fear of his father, and her newfound fame, Autumn is more conflicted than she has ever been in her life. What happens when she feels like life is too overwhelming and she has to pick between the life that she loves but has no control over, and the man that she loves more than life itself?